Options List & FAQ

Can a building be customized?

Yes. We can add windows, make larger or smaller windows, move doors or even walls. See additional options below.







Additional 2X2 double pane window                        $145


Additional 3X4 double pane window                        $200




Upgrade double barn doors                                      $300


Additional double barn doors                                   $575


Upgrade solid wood door/metal door                       $200


Additional solid wood/metal door                            $280


Additional 9’ wide garage door                                 $650




10’ walls                                                                   additional 10% of base price




Upgrade half log siding                                             additional 10% of base price


Upgrade board and batten siding                              additional 5% of base price


Upgrade rustic corrugated metal siding                     additional 10% of base price




8’ loft with OSB                                                       $250


8’ loft with 1” tongue and groove                             $350


4’ loft with OSB                                                       $150


4’ loft with 1” tongue and groove                             $200




2’ deep shelf at building width                                  $75


Built in Bunk Bed:                                                 $350


Integrated Porch:


3’ porch                                                                   $200


4’ porch                                                                   $250




Flower box                                                               $40


Shutters (pair)                                                          $40




Solar powered light                                                  $75


Battery operated puck lighting                                  $15 each


Additional electrical outlet                                       $40


Wiring for additional light                                        $60


Additional cable receptacle                                      $40


Pricing excludes sales tax where applicable.


How much is shipping?

We now ship our tiny homes built on trailers NATIONWIDE!

There is no additional fee to ship within 50 miles of our Snowflake, Arizona and Show Low, Arizona locations. Additional shipping fees apply to locations further than 50 miles for buildings not built on trailers.


How do you move your buildings?

All of our current inventory is built to be trailer-move ready. We are also taking orders to build tiny homes affixed to trailers.


What kind of insulation do you use?

Our tiny homes and bonus rooms are fully insulated. We currently use spray foam insulation or fiberglass insulation. We can use any insulation the customer prefers.


What size is the loft of a tiny home?

We have two tiny homes in our current inventory. One tiny home loft is 8 X 12 feet and 3 feet, 6 inches from the peak to the floor. The other tiny home, soon to be completed, is 7 X 12 feet and 5 feet from peak to floor. Loft sizes can be built to suit.


Do tiny houses have stairs?

Our tiny homes come with a beautiful all wood ladder. Stairs can be built for an additional fee.


Can the tiny house go off grid?

Yes! We can build it to suit off grid needs, including a composting toilet and solar panels for an additional fee.


Where is the plumbing in the tiny house?

We have plumbing through the floor. It can be hooked up to public sewer, septic or we can even add a gray and black water tank like an RV.


What is the layout of the tiny home?

We have many layouts and floorplans to choose from. Our most recently finished tiny home has a bedroom, bathroom, great room and kitchenette on the first floor and an open loft above.  Call us for more details on various layouts.